Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-Based Weight Management This website aims to help people who would like to manage their weight in an achievable manner.

Welcome to Diet Smart

My name is Emma Barrett and I help people take care of their bodies and their health by helping them make ‘smart’ goals (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time Based).

I want people to realise that healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore and I will help support you, making small changes each week to ensure you are eating healthily for life.

It’s not a short-term, unrealistic, weight loss programme but a long-term, achievable, solution to weight management issues. This is the most effective, healthy weight loss program.

Obesity is a worrying problem and poor diet and nutrition are recognised as major contributory risk factors for ill health and premature death.

Key facts:
617,000 hospital admissions where obesity was a factor;
26% of adults classified as obese;
(2016/17 government national statistics).

Individual consultations

Contact me for an individual consultation. I deal with everyone on an individual basis, which means that I can offer the best possible advice. I can also provide effective and lasting tips on improving your diet, helping you to lose unwanted pounds and tackle dietary problems and pitfalls. I am able to visit you in your own home or you can visit me for your consultation.

Healthy eating takes preparation and you will need to keep track of the food you are eating on a daily basis. This will help you to decrease body fat and feel fitter and healthier. I will be there to support you and answer any questions you have. In general, about six consultations will be enough, although this depends on what you would like and your exact requirements.

Weight management classes

You can join me for an 8 week Weight Management class, which takes place at BAY Club, Burnham on Sea on Thursday evenings. This is suitable for anyone interested in weight loss as well as anyone who just wants to learn about healthy eating, and covers guidelines for a healthy diet. The classes are limited to ten people so there is lots of personal support available.

The cost of the course covers an initial assessment so that we can work out your calorie intake required in order to lose weight. It also includes information on healthy eating guidelines and lots of information on nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are required for health and well-being. A dietary assessment will enable you to see where changes can be made and help you to fix bad habits.

I am able to help people with their weight management in Burnham on Sea and surrounding areas.


8 week weight management course: £40.

Individual consultation: £10 an hour.

About Me

Join Emma to help manage your Weight

I live in Burnham on Sea and am married with 2 girls. Our eldest daughter has a heart condition, so we try to ensure that she eats as healthily as possible, but as she’s very fussy and her favourite food is pizza, it’s a constant battle!

I have always been interested in Nutrition so decided to take a course to learn all about it properly. Then I decided to become a Nutrition Advisor to help other people.

I founded the company earlier this year after completing my Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma with Future Fit Training, certified by the AfN (Association for Nutrition).


Diploma in Weight Loss Management
Behaviour Change coaching
Level 3 award in Nutrition for Physical Activity

Advice for healthy eating

Here are just a few ideas for eating well and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. We will explore these and other ideas in more detail and move towards feeling better and looking great!

Healthy Eating Guidelines:

  • base your meals on starchy carbohydrates
  • eat lots of fruit and veg  (aim for your 5 a day)
  • eat more fish – including a portion of oily fish
  • cut down on saturated fat and sugar
  • eat less salt
  • get active and be a healthy weight.

I can help you:

  • eat within your energy intake needs
  • create a safe and achievable calorie deficit to lose weight
  • control portion sizes
  • check food labels
  • prepare food and keep track of everything you eat and drink via food diaries
  • assess your food diary weekly to help make changes required to follow healthy eating guidelines
  • help fix weight loss pitfalls
  • understand that this is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix
  • become fit and healthy without constant stress and fixating on the scales
  • decrease body fat by eating a healthy balanced diet


Useful information:

There is some great information on the British heart foundation website. It offers some useful advice about healthy living and staying active.

The NHS website is a very good source of information for advice on eating well and staying healthy.

If you feel you may benefit from a course of massage, I recommend Cardea Massage Therapy, which is based in Somerset.


I am happy to offer advice or just have a chat about effective weight management. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact me via phone, email or using the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you - Emma